A Brief History Of Vine

Archeological evidence seems to suggest that wine has been made as early as the late Chalcolithic or early Neolithic period, which is to say as far back as the 6th millennium BC. Evidence suggests that it was being made in the area of today’s Armenia in 4100 BC, in Iran in 5000 BC and Georgia in 6000 BC. Analysis of over 100 cultivars that we have today seems to indicate that they all go back to common ancestor in Georgia, which is also where something that may be residue of wine has been found in jars dating back to 6000 BC. Greece also seems to have had their own wines as far back as 4500 BC.

It was most probably the Phoenicians who have helped wine reach the western world somewhere between 2600 BC and 2100 BC. They traded with the Egyptians and contributed to this drink becoming more widespread. It is no mystery that wine was very popular in the ancient Greece and is often mentioned in Homer, Alkman and numerous others. King Tutankhamen’s tomb held 36 amphora’s of vine, while the oldest traces of this drink in China have been dated to the first and second millennia BC. However, separate research shows, that people in China may have been mixing rice with grapes as far back as 7000 BC, and creating alcoholic beverages similar to wine.

It was also a very popular drink in Rome, and there are still numerous areas covered in viticultural foundations left to us by this culture. The drink was approved of by the Catholic Church and used in Masses, which contributed to the fact that numerous monasteries had, sometimes world famous, vineyards and wineries on their grounds. French monks were considered especially skillful in this regard and their wines especially fine.

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